June 2019 | Events, Team

Archichef Night – the event

It was a somewhat different task for us architects and interior designers – the task of transforming Monoplan’s “DNA” into a dish. We were delighted to be one of the five “creative teams” invited to the first Archichef Night event in Zurich. And so, we set about designing a recipe.

We quickly decided that our dish should focus on the following facts:

– Although Monoplan has its roots in Switzerland, it is by no means your average Swiss office. Our team is international: Chile, Brazil, South Africa, Greece, Morocco, Spain, Poland, Austria, France, etc. – to name but a few countries of origin.
– Monoplan’s brand image is modest, strong and compelling, and at the core it surprises with an unexpected explosion of internationality, spirit of discovery and humour.

To convey this message, we wanted to do a whole new take on a Swiss classic. What better dish to use than a “Züri Geschnetzeltes” (sliced veal in a sauce)?

Deconstructed into its individual components and reconstructed and prepared in a new fashion, our dish “prince des prés” came to life with the help of Chef de Cuisine Dominic Fuchs.

Hiding within a nest of crispy potato twigs was a veal tartare, prepared with the traditional Moroccan spice mix “ras el-hanout”. The nest was scattered with breaded calf’s liver and dotted with a consommé crème in the essence of the original “Züri Geschnetzeltes” sauce (made of veal, mushrooms and cream).

With final touches from Daniel and Vanessa, “prince des prés” was served and presented to nine tables, just as Zurich was beginning to transform into a city of tiny sparkling lights. We were proud of our successful dish and sampled the creation of the other four teams with curiosity. A great concept that must be repeated!

Organised by www.towant.eu
In and with the “Clouds” www.clouds.ch