October 2014 | Events, Trade fair

Architecture 0.14

Exhibition | Switzerland | 2014

At the “Architektur 0.14” exhibition in Zurich, Monoplan will be exhibiting a selection of its projects, as well as giving an insight into the subareas of architecture, interior design and branding. Visitors will be treated to an abstracted overview of the work areas and projects from Monoplan. We will showcase this by using a topography of pencils in an ensemble of different cubes, complemented by project information and a legend explaining the concept. The presentation is designed to be interactive and will give visitors the opportunity to engage with the concept. Parts of the presentation can and are meant to be taken away by the visitors, so as to make the experience more dynamic. The “Architektur 0.14” exhibition will be open to visitors daily until 26 October inclusive.