September 2019 | Events, Presentations

Open House Zurich 2019 | Motel One

Open House Zurich 2019. Featuring: Selnau post office come Motel One.
Monoplan was offering two tours, which proved really popular.

After a quick welcome and introduction at the meeting place in the lobby, tours kicked off with the ‘Big Picture’: a walk along the building work running around the block. Tour-goers immediately saw how the various construction periods in 1915, 1936 and 1950 affected the building style. The inner courtyard, parts of which the hotel uses as an outdoor terrace, was included in the tour.

Then up the heritage staircase and on to the floors housing the rooms. Here, too, the tour did a full circuit along the wrap-around corridor. Despite Motel One’s uniform design, the already existing rooms offered a great opportunity to see the vast variety of character in the building. Small, cosy rooms with skylights as extra windows (see photo) or offering generous views of the Uetliberg from their roof terrace – every taste is accounted for.

The third and final part of the tour presented the public spaces on the ground floor. A Q&A session at the bar then concluded the event.

We’ll take this opportunity to say thank you so much to the organisers. We really loved Open House! Monoplan would love to attend again.

Click here for the project: Motel One Zurich