April 2020 | Construction sites

Ruby Zurich | Building site diver

Proceedings at building site on Beatenplatz had even the seasoned building-site veterans holding their breath. The concrete foundations for a room-sized shaft under what will be the Ruby Hotel Zürich were laid by a diver.

First, the four concrete walls of the drop shaft were poured.

These were then sunk into the really damp soil under the foundation slab.
A tributary of the Limmat had its bed here once. The groundwater still floods in more quickly here as elsewhere, e.g. in the neighbouring building.

Once the walls were in position in the mud …

… a diver took to the water …

… and laid the first reinforcement irons before then pouring the drop shaft’s concrete foundation slab.
In and of itself, that’s nothing new. But this time, our diver’s vision was next to zero.

And here’s what the finished shaft looked like once the water had been pumped out.

By the way: the shaft will house the fat trap for the new restaurant’s wastewater.

Click here for the project: Ruby Zurich