September 2018 | Events, Presentations

Specialist knowledge from an expert

Daniel Schneider welcomed to Zurich five students studying for a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management. As a visiting lecturer in the subject area of architecture for the course “Hotel Development & Real Estate”, he was in charge of leading the field trip organised for the students studying in Heilbronn.
The events of the day included a site inspection, two visits to/tours around completed hotels, and an exciting workshop at Monoplan.

“Gaining a new perspective on hotel projects – that of an architect – was especially interesting. It’s a perspective that you don’t necessarily consider during your degree. This helped us to gain valuable experience.” (Jonas Ehrler)
“For me, the most interesting parts were the different stages that a hotel project has to go through. This was also a topic on which Mr Schneider was able to give us a good insight and help us to analyse the various stages in detail.” (Darius Thönißen)

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