We sincerely thank our partners and clients for their outstanding cooperation over the past 15 years.

Your support and collaboration have been vital to our success. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and overcome challenges.
The trust that has been placed in us and feedback we received, have helped us enhance our products and services. We are grateful for the
enduring relationships we have built.

We are looking forward to further good cooperation as well as new collaborations!




Beyond Now combines all phases, aspects and components to reinvent the process of bringing projects to life from concept to an operating facility.



Green Landscapes AG, a leading consultancy firm helmed by Johannes Cox. Specialised in providing expert guidance, strategic insights, and innovative solutions in the field of landscaping. With a focus on sustainability, they create exceptional outdoor spaces that harmonise with nature.



Polyworx is creating hotel-brands and amplifies existing ones. It is a creative agency developing holistic brand experiences from concept to visual identity.



M-Estate is the “HUB” where developers, Investors, Real Estate Agents and Hotel Operators meet and establish innovative and profitable projects. Beyond the customary functions of a Real Estate Agent, M-Estate follows the entire building acquisition process with the added value of a Strategical / Economical / Architectural consultancy.


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