Zurich office

Since 2021, Monoplan’s office is based at Hardturmstrasse 181. The office’s central, urban address, close to the river Limmat, is ideally placed with both excellent transport links and a proximity to nature. The office extends over two stories, the spacious lobby in the ground-floor with the Monolab for the interior-designers and the carefully designed first-floor with meeting rooms, work spaces and the Monokitchen. The premises have been designed in the spirit of Monoplan’s corporate design and reflect Monoplan’s design and philosophy.


Monolab Zurich

We combine the traditional way of working, using design sketches and model building, with modern technology.
In our company, sketch rolls and cutters are best of comrades with 3D printers and Virtual Reality glasses.
Thanks to our materials library, our clients can get an instant impression of the effect of their
planned project. The VR glasses allow you to “access” the virtual rooms.


Frankfurt office

It isn’t just our team that is international, but our projects and network, as well. That is why we
have a base in Frankfurt. It is a charming old building with bright rooms, and provides the
perfect environment for our employees and clients to develop and execute
new projects.


The office of Monoplan Greece is located in the center of the metropolis of Athens.
Our team of 20 highly qualified architects and designers are an integral part of the entire
Monoplan team and develop and work on projects for
the Mediterranean region, among others.

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