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The publication of our projects – whether in print or online – is always a great occasion. Not just in terms of PR, but also for our team who are always thrilled by the compliment.

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Monoplan? Who is behind it all? What do they do? How do they do it and why? Watch the video to discover the answers and much more. It introduces you to some of our projects, explains our work philosophies and includes reflections from the Monoteam.


We believe in good architecture and implement it with the highest quality. We are always looking for the added value for our clients and think and work holistically on our projects, with the human scale being our most important reference in every respect: competence, enthusiasm and the relentless pursuit of the optimal solution are our daily motivation.

Architecture 4.0

Balance between design, branding and marketing.
In this talk, Daniel Schneider, co-founder of Monoplan AG, discusses how and why interior design should meaningfully correspond with architecture and shares his experience in branding, positioning and marketing real estate.

The future of hospitality

A close up Interview with Daniel Schneider about the future of hospitality, the challenges, what we can expect and how we can anticipate. #stayposted for more!


For our 10-year anniversary, it was time for a second Monografie. The resoundingly positive response to the first edition was reason enough to bring out an updated issue and to share more of our work.

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