B2 Hotel | Co-Working Space

The omnipresent history of the B2 Hotel which finds itself in a former brewery contributes to a very characteristic image of the building structures, which create a unique atmosphere. To add value to its concept the idea to turn the lobby into a place where people can meet but also find a place to focus on their work was born.

Monoplan conceptualised and designed the new co-working space in a timeless and rather casual manner to create a feeling of comfort. This has been achieved with classic furniture to record players, expect nothing but a truly unique experience. The extended community wooden table, the comfy armchairs and the custom-made carpet were installed.

The result is now more than a co-working space. It became a place where connection and creativity take center stage. Adjacent to the impressive library with 33,000 books, this new special zone now truly adds a particular value to the hotel claim “where modernity and history meet.”

Category. 4 star

Location. Zurich, Switzerland

Construction period. 2022

Area. Co-working space

Client. Turicum Systems Hotels B2 Zürich AG

Services. Interior design