Hotel Pellas

Boutique Hotel Pellas is situated in the middle of the Swiss mountains, at the heart of a ski resort next to a popular ski piste. Split over four levels, the hotel boasts 22 rooms and one suite. The sun terrace outside has enough space for around 400 guests.
The aim of the project was to renovate the existing building and to add an extension. The extension had to respect the essence of the original building and give the hotel a contemporary overall appearance with high architectural quality. Regular guests were also to have an instant sense of familiarity with the new building.

The façade facing the ski piste is impressive in volume, and rises out of the expanse of the roof. The large windows of the façade provide an excellent view over the ski piste and the surrounding mountains.
Parts of the façade and the roof are made from Corten steel, affording the building a distinctive appearance, yet one that incorporates the regional and traditional elements.

Category. Boutique Hotel in Vella, Switzerland

Client. Hotel Pellas AG

Rooms. 22 + 1 suite

Services. Conversion, design, architecture, interior design