Löwen Hotel Montafon

Modern Alpine chic and a regional character were the focus of the new design of Hotel Löwen in the Montafon region. This led to the development of the concept “Visiting friends in a country house in the Montafon”. The realisation of this is reflected in the architecture, the interior design and the branding.

The appearance of the Löwen Hotel blends into the Alpine surroundings and the local scenery of the Montafon. The traditional façade contrasts subtly with the surrounding buildings through its colouring, thereby placing the building in a modern context without disturbing the harmony of the Alpine environment. The interior design is characterised by natural regional materials; wood, stone and glass combined with warm colours
create a modern, cosy atmosphere. Traditional regional cross-stitch designs are abstracted as patterns in the ceiling panels, wall lights and fronts of the wardrobes. The bar on the ground floor is a hub at the centre of the building. In the rooms, there is a visible interplay between the traditional and the modern, and between old and new materials. In the bathrooms, faceted tiles and rustic wooden panels flirt with classic fittings.

The new brand strategy of the Löwen Hotel profits from the synergy effect of the architecture and interior design and draws heavily on their attributes.

Category. 4-Star Superior

Location. Schruns, Austria

Construction period. 6 months (2013)

Client. Hotel Löwen Schruns GmbH

Floor area. 5,110 m²

Building size. 14,500 m³