Panorama Restaurant | Killarney

The Panorama Restaurant at Hotel Europe offers an impressive view over Loch Lein and the adjacent Killarney National Park. During the overall conversion project of the hotel, the main restaurant also had to be renovated. The aim was to both create a high-quality ambience and renew all of the technical facilities, such as the show kitchen, lights and fire protection equipment.

When designing the new restaurant, Monoplan created different zones that could be easily combined with one another. When selecting the traditional materials and surfaces, regional Irish colours and elements were combined with a contemporary design language. The new Panorama Restaurant complements the 5-star offering in a coherent and harmonious way.

Location. Killarney, Ireland

Construction period. 6 months, 2012

Client. Killarney Hotels Ltd.

Services. Design, implementation planning, design direction of construction works