Travel charm in Zweisimmen

The hotel resort lies at the cross-road from Zweisimmen to the Rinderberg mountain, on a site that to the North looks down towards Zweisimmen and over the valley. From the town centre, a road leads past the reformed village church up to the hotel. The hotel is built as a collection of houses around a central market place, which serves as an arrival and meeting point. It is also where the most important public facilities are located, like the hotel lobby, restaurants, conference rooms, a few small shops, and a café. Below ground is the underground car park together with the delivery area, which vehicles can access at the same altitude from the road. The houses with the apartments sit on the mountain side along the edge of the market place and, thus, have direct access to it.

This serves to integrate the houses into the village and, through their elevated position, gives them a certain level of exclusivity. The three other houses contain the hotel suites. The majority of the hotel rooms are housed within the large base section, which faces the valley, thus guaranteeing a view over the village and valley from any room. From below, the park extends all the way up to the building like a garden and continues around the houses in the form of green rooftops. On the lowest level of the hotel, this green space interlinks with the spa and wellness area. Although the architecture is based on existing structures and scales, the view of the hotel with the hillside in the background is very striking, thus creating a highly recognisable scene.

Category. 5-Star

Location. Zurich, Switzerland

Client. New Hotel Atlantis AG

Services. General contractor