EMA House – competition

“The Zürich All Suite Hotel” was erected in 1996 and is the main hotel of EMA House AG. It comprises 22 serviced apartments of the 4-star category. The curtain wall, which is made from anodized aluminium, carries the classic signature of the architectural language of the 90s. The aim of the competition project was to redesign the suites and to create a modern, functional, yet cosy ambience with a 4-star standard.

It had to address the requirements of the various international standards. The materials, furnishings and furniture had to be of a high quality and durable. Monoplan submitted a design that addressed the aims of the competition by placing them at centre stage and creating a coherent vision. Through maximum flexibility, it enables living, dining and working to be combined in the smallest of spaces.

Category. Competition

Location. Zurich, Switzerland

Year. 2015