IFA 2018 Berlin | Liebherr Hausgeräte

The Liebherr Hausgeräte trade fair stand at the IFA 2018 had an overarching motto: “New thinking”.

Monoplan also had the task of showcasing and familiarising visitors with the following five main themes: individualisation, digitalisation, Monolith, modularity and BioFresh. The stylish trade fair stand stood out through its elegant yet warm atmosphere, as well as its clear architectural design language.

The ambience was kept dark deliberately and combined with warm natural materials. In the digitalisation and MyStyle sections, suitable, modern stylistic elements were also used in order to highlight the innovative strength of Liebherr’s refrigeration devices. The trade fair stand was a resounding success, both in terms of the presentation of the devices and the manner in which the themes were communicated, as well as with regard to the response from the visitors.

Category. Trade fair stand, communications architecture

Year. 2018

Location. Berlin, IFA (global tech event)

Client. Liebherr Hausgeräte GmbH

Area. 1,800 m²