Lakeview suites | Bürgenstock

The Bürgenstock mountain in general and the “Panoramaweg” (panoramic way) in particular are associated with views over Lake Lucerne. The Panoramaweg is a lookout point – a prominent location that connects the spectator to the horizon. The idea of using the landscape as a picture was the starting point for the design of the 11 vertical chalets. They had to bring visitors into contact with the environment, by appearing to frame the landscape like a picture from inside. The façades were designed such that there would always be a direct and spectacular view over the lake, as if each resident owned a piece of the lake.

The access to the buildings was designed in a way that placed the public areas higher up and the more private areas lower down. The Panoramaweg is based on a “Walk of Fame” idea: each access way to a chalet is based on a connection to a famous personality. The Panoramaweg and spa corridor provide the access way to the spacious living areas. Underneath these are the two sleeping levels, each with two bedrooms and corresponding bathrooms. The spa area is built into the mountain and is connected to the outside through an exclusive terrace.

Location. Obbürgen, Switzerland

Particularities. Competition invitation